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Send us your air purifier testimony.

We have had many testimonials pouring in about the great results people are receiving with their Air Oasis air purifier. We would like to hear your story as well. To send us your testimony, simply use the Contact Us form.

I was very skeptical when my friend introduce and lend me the Air Oasis air purifier. My father had been suffering with asthma for years. We tried the AO500 at home and he found the quality of his breathing better and he slept better with the Air Oasis operating in the room. I have since passed the unit to my friend who has similar asthma condition and she has found the Air Oasis effective.

CM Seow, Braddell, Singapore

My sinus troubles started seven years ago with chronic bacterial sinus infections. I was constantly taking antibiotics but my infections could not be controlled. My doctor recommended septoplasty and sinus surgery. I had the surgery but the infections continued. Then I had more surgery. Still the infections continued. By the time I purchased the Air Oasis 3000, I had been taking multiple antibiotics nonstop for 15 months. The Air Oasis was part of my new protocol for limiting my exposure to mold spores. I was desperate to try anything at that point. Within two weeks of round the clock use of my Air Oasis 3000, my infection responded to the antibiotics and cleared up. I keep the machine running 24 hours a day. Probably I don't need to do this, but I bring it out into the main part of my apartment during the day, and I place it next to my bed at night when I sleep. I have been off the antbiotics completely now for two full months. This is the longest period of time I have gone without allergy symptoms and/or sinus infections in nearly seven years. This is also the longest period of time that I have gone without antibiotics in the last three years.

Steven K.Lansing, Michigan, USA

I travel widely in the region and I worry often if I bring any virus or bacteria home from my trips. we now switch on the Air Oasis 500 in my children's room 24 hrs before I return so that when I enter into their room, I feel assured that any surface bacteria that I may unknownly carry with me is managed but of course I still wash my hands before I touch them. The Air Oasis is now part of our Influenza Prevention program.

Pang, Bukit Timah, Singapore

Our bicycle shop gets more than 50 customers a week. Since using the Air Oasis 1000, the shop ambience smells great and the customer facing staff feel assured that we are taking precautions to help reduce surface contact bacteria and virus that walk-in customers may bring in. Even customers comment that the air smells really fresh like mountain air and they hang around the shop longer and enjoy their buying experience!

Bicycle shop, Singapore

I am a smoker and am trying to break the habit but occasionally I smoke in my study. I bought an AO 500 and switched it on for 2 hrs and I cannot believe that the smoke odour actually went away and even my wife commented that the study smells fresh. Thanks Air Oasis!

Lawrence Lim, Holland Grove, Singapore

We have 2 golden retrievers at home and our house like most pet owners experience is the smell of dogs. Even our cloths contain the smell. We placed an AO 500 in the kitchen area and the "doggy" smell has gone away! we could not really beleive it until we bathe the dogs and then came back in the next day and simply could not smell the doggy smell any more.

Tans, Jurong West, Singapore