Air Oasis Asia

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About Air Oasis Asia

Air Oasis Asia is an exciting team of experienced marketers who believe in improving the quality of environment that we work and live in .

We bring a portfolio of top selling health enhancing products. We commit to true value and improving the lives of the people around us, constantly looking at improving what the market currently offers or what the future trends are. Combining both online and our network of relationships key segments, your brand recognition and product launches will be managed with the utmost care and detail. We have established a network of dealers and resellers throughout Asia. This extensive channel forms our distribution strategy. So, if you think you have a relevant product which we can jumpstart, please contact us.

About Air Oasis LLP

Air Oasis has come a long way in the past few years setting the standards for performance and quality in the air purification industry. Air Oasis began distributing the Air Oasis 3000 in 2002. In 2003 Air Oasis was given word by the original manufacturer that the units could not be produced due to an exclusive contract they signed with another company. In December 2004 we took the enormous task of going into manufacturing for ourselves. Since the original manufacturer held a patent-pending on the design of their catalyst target cell they requested that we design our own. We took advantage of this request and make some important advancements on the design. In December of 2003 the AHPCO™ (advanced hydrated photo catalytic oxidation) Cell was introduced to the market. This began the start of something very special with Air Oasis. With the introduction of the new exclusive technology, came a tremendous increase in dealer interest, and retail sales. This increase also afforded the company a chance to expand their product line and move to a much larger facility. In August of 2005 Air Oasis was forced to move to facility three times the size of the original.

The next two years proved to be exciting times at Air Oasis. 2005 saw the release of the Air Oasis 1000 and Mini units. During this time, the dealer base at Air Oasis more than doubled, with the excitement over the expansion of the product line. The end of 2005 Air Oasis became a finalist in the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation’s annual Enterprise Challenge for small businesses. In early 2006, Air Oasis introduced the new 3000 Xtreme unit and the patent-pending nano Nickel HCT catalyst. About this same time Air Oasis was announced as the winner of the Enterprise Challenge and was awarded a check for $75,000. By June of 2006 it was moving time once again. We had outgrown the current facilities and moved to our current location that is ten time the size of our original facility. The new building is located in the prestigious Tradewind Business Park where most businesses have a hanger outback where they park their private jets. The summer of 2006 also brought about the new Air Oasis Induct ACT air purifier.

All Air Oasis units are assembled in our Amarillo, Texas facilities. Being an American-based company, owned by an American corporation, Oasis Enterprises, is paramount to the owners Jon Bennert and Dr. Jeff Bennert PhD. Having patent-pending, state of the art technology assembled and fabricated in the USA, is your guarantee of quality and assurance.